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  • How do I purchase a domain?
    Firstly agree a price. The price shown next to a domain is not an agreed sale price just a minimum indicator, all domains need to be purchased through using ETH as a currency. Contact us and place your offer using the "Make an Offer" button at the top of the item's page. If we agree on a price we will send you a link and a code for where you will find the domain. Simply enter the code into the promo box on checkout and the agreed price will automatically populate the "Price" box. Yo will need a wallet, MetaMask is good but there are several others you can use. Please see the Opensea video in the learning centre tab above
  • Do you accept £GBP or $USD through the website
    We only accept either of those currencies to reserve a domain. All domains are purchased through using ETH. There are and ETH tutorials in our leaning centre. Please access the learning centre using the tab above
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